Alienware launches Alienware 240Hz monitor with 60hz panel

Alienware has announced a 240Hz panel for its Alienware Pro 240 monitors.The Alienware panel will feature a 120Hz refresh rate for gaming at 1080p, 60Hz for productivity and a 60Hz refresh for movies.The panel is also compatible with the Alienware Edge series of monitors, which can feature 60Hz.The monitor will retail for $399, but is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2019.It will be...

How to use Alienware 240Hz monitors with the Alienware Gaming PC

Alienware is currently offering a 240hz, 4K gaming monitor that it's been teasing for a while now.The monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate, a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, and it will cost you $299.Alienware has also released a 240Hz, 4k gaming monitor for the PS4, but it's not exactly the same resolution as this one.Here's how to use the monitor with your Alienware gaming PC.

How to buy a Predator monitor for $2,500

The Predator series monitors are becoming increasingly popular and you can now find some pretty high-end models for under $2k, which makes them really appealing to gamers and anyone who wants to have a gaming PC that is comfortable to play on.While the Predator 240hz is the cheapest of the bunch, there are other monitors available for as low as $1,400.Acer's Predator X27WG is a high-performance,...

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