Thunderbolt 3: Why you should buy it instead of an HDMI monitor

Thunderbolt 3 has long been considered a superior display for gaming, but it’s only just now coming into its own for mainstream use.

Now, Dell is offering up the same-gen Thunderbolt 3 monitor for $99 that can play 1080p HD video, as well as play 1080i and 1080p Blu-ray discs.

The Dell Thunderbolt 3 is a 5K-resolution Thunderbolt 3-capable monitor that supports HDMI output and features a 12.3-inch 1920×1080 OLED display.

It comes with an Intel Atom Z3735F processor with 2.7GHz dual-core, 1.8GHz quad-core (dual-core) and 1.2GHz dual core (quad-core), and 1GB of RAM, as the company says.

The monitor is also backed by Dell’s Thunderbolt 3 Smart Connectors, which support up to two wireless network adapters per monitor.

It also has a USB Type-C port, HDMI port, headphone jack, and microphone.

If you’re interested in buying the Dell Thunderbolt 5K monitor, you can check out the link below for a pre-order link.

The company is also offering up a $100 discount on the monitor, which should be available from October.

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