The American Conservatives take a look at the 2016 presidential race

The American conservatives are having a good time right now.

And they’ve even got their own Twitter account.

The political pundits at the American Conservative are making some really smart predictions about the 2016 election, including that Donald Trump will win the election and the Democrats will lose.

They’re also getting pretty excited about how the GOP is handling its presidential nomination process, which has made for some of the most fascinating political coverage of the year.

The American Conservatives’ Nate Cohn, the group’s editor-in-chief, has been tweeting about the presidential race for a while, but he’s only been tweeting since Wednesday.

The group, founded in 2015 by Matt Schlapp and Matt Lauer, is one of the leading conservative media outlets on social media.

It’s one of a few that are known for their conservative credentials.

The conservative media outlet has a history of making predictions about politics and politics in general, as Cohn has done for months now.

They’ve made predictions about how likely Trump will be to win the Republican nomination, how likely Ted Cruz is to win, and even what would happen if the Green Party’s Jill Stein won the presidential nomination.

On Tuesday, Cohn tweeted, “The Trump-Cruz race has been so unpredictable, it has literally become a race of no-shows.

#MAGA”He also tweeted “It is clear that Trump is not going to win and the Dems will not win in November.”

It’s not clear, but I suspect it’s likely to happen.

The Republican establishment has repeatedly made clear that it will not support Trump or Cruz and will not endorse Stein.

The Trump campaign has been more forthcoming about how it would proceed if the Republican Party chose Stein.

In February, Trump tweeted, “(Polls) showing the election will be close.

The Dems will win by a landslide in November.

And that’s a very bad thing.”

That was the exact moment that Trump won the nomination.

Trump has been very vocal in his support of Stein, which is why he got to the convention in Cleveland.

Cohn is not so much concerned with how Trump will perform in November as how he will perform if the Democratic Party chooses Stein.

But Cohn’s tweets don’t stop there.

In a statement Wednesday, he said the election results show that “the GOP is no longer a viable alternative.”

I have been wrong in predicting that the Dems would take back the White House and we are now in the very dangerous situation of an outright election win by the Dems.

We now have two major parties, a Clinton presidency and a Trump presidency.

Trump is a fraud. Cohn said.

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