How to switch between two monitors using the keyboard – HDMI to DVI converter

I don’t normally go through the trouble of switching between two monitor setups on my computer, but when I needed to do that on a TV with two displays, I was happy to give the keyboard an option.

I had two monitors on my TV set up, and the DVI adapter was handy to swap between them with the keyboard.

I was using the TV set to run the DVR software on, so I had a way to switch the two displays and run the software on each monitor separately, rather than having to switch back and forth between the two monitors.

The DVR was able to switch to the second monitor automatically when the keyboard was plugged into the second HDMI port.

So it was able go from being a display that could only show the second one to the one that would show both of them.

This is handy if you are using multiple monitors and are interested in keeping a single monitor for your work and home, or if you have a single screen that is set up for both work and play, but needs to be used for entertainment purposes.

You can also use the keyboard to turn the display into a mini DVR if you need to switch monitors.

You have to get a DVR cable from the company that made the HDMI adapter, and you have to use the right cable to connect the DVS adapter to the TV.

There are also two cables, one for the DTV and one for each of the monitors, so you can get a set of both to run.

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