How to buy a curved gaming monitor for your PC

In a new post on the Gamersgate forums, GamersGate user ‘Nubbs’ shared a link to a review of the LG G7 Gaming Monitor.

The review, which has since been deleted, was written by ‘Lionheart’ of Gaming Monitor fame.

The reviews description for the G7 includes an image of a curved monitor with the word ‘HUGE’ written on it, which is a reference to the LG flagship gaming monitor.

This article has been updated to include the image of the review that Lionheart shared with Gaming Monitor followers.

A screenshot of the reviews description and the image showing the curved monitor were shared by the reviewer on Reddit, and can be viewed below.

The article is still up for comment, but it’s currently not clear if the review was actually written by Lionheart, or if it was simply shared by GamersGates user ‘Lionsheart’.

The review is still in its early stages, but its clear that the review’s author does not appear to be a reliable source for this kind of review.

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