Why you should avoid buying curved monitors

It may be tempting to buy a curved monitor if you’re trying to cut down on your blood sugar, but it may also be more harmful than beneficial.

A new report from the Institute of Medicine has found that curved screens have adverse effects on blood sugar and cognition.

A screen with a curved shape has the potential to disrupt blood flow, slowing blood sugar production and even causing the body to produce excess insulin, the report found.

The report notes that people who wear curved screens often struggle to maintain their weight.

“Coupled with a low level of perceived comfort, curved screens can negatively affect cognitive performance,” the report states.

“Aflatoxin exposure may increase the risk of developing dementia and other cognitive impairments in individuals who are overweight.”

According to the study, people who used curved screens regularly had a 33% higher risk of diabetes and a 38% higher rate of cardiovascular disease than those who did not use curved screens.

“Curved screens are increasingly popular as the latest form of display technology, but they may not be beneficial for people with glucose control needs,” the study concludes.

If you’re interested in buying a curved display, you can check out this list of websites that offer curved monitors.

You can also find out if you have a problem with blood sugar.

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