BenQ has been quietly introducing dual monitors to its gaming laptop line

BenQ is rolling out dual monitors in its gaming laptops line, which include a new gaming monitor and stand.

The gaming monitors are identical to those found in the BenQ Elite Gaming 4K, but are made from aluminum instead of glass, and come with a new stand that attaches to the sides of the laptop.

Both of these monitors can support up to eight displays and the stand has a detachable hinge, which lets users tilt the monitor at different angles.

BenQ’s first two gaming monitors, the Elite Elite Gaming X2 and Elite Gaming XL, were announced in March and the company is planning to launch a third in September.

Both monitors are priced at $999 and the monitors can be pre-ordered now.

We asked BenQ for more details about the monitors, but haven’t yet received a response.

The company has also announced that its gaming notebook line will be coming to an end in 2018.

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