What to know about 4K and OLED monitors

Samsung announced Tuesday it will launch a new monitor that can display 4K (3840×2160) content at up to 30 frames per second, but the company is still waiting for a final decision from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Samsung says the 4K monitor will have a “wide” viewing angle that allows for more comfortable viewing.

A “wide viewing angle” is defined as a viewing angle of 90 degrees, or the length of an arc from the top of the screen to the bottom of the monitor.

Samsung’s 4K UHD monitor, announced in October, is expected to launch later this year.

The new monitor will offer a wide viewing angle.

It also will have some of the features of Samsung’s OLED monitor.

The 4K display, by comparison, will have no viewing angle, Samsung said.

The company said the new 4K LCD monitor will provide an “even more immersive viewing experience.”

The new 4-inch UHD LCD monitor is expected for about $1,200.

The Samsung UHD Monitor 4K Display will be available for $999 starting next month.

Samsung has also launched a new line of products that include a 3D TV and 3D gaming headset.

The gaming headset, called the Oculus Rift, will be a $499 headset that uses a wireless controller to control virtual reality experiences.

The Oculus Rift has not been announced for sale in the U, but a Samsung spokesperson said the company plans to announce the headset later this week.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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