Intel says Intel-based laptop computers are vulnerable to attack

Intel says it is investigating reports that laptops in Apple’s MacBook lineup are vulnerable.

The company is advising customers to be wary of any machines that come in the Apple MacBook Pro line, and to consider the fact that Intel’s Core i5 chips are capable of running Windows 10, AppleInsider reported Tuesday.

Intel also issued a security advisory on Tuesday stating that “some devices running Intel-compatible chipsets may be susceptible to a remote code execution vulnerability that may allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.”

In addition, Intel has found “several vulnerabilities in the Intel Atom processors, some of which may be exploitable on the device and may allow for an attacker to obtain sensitive information.”

The advisory also said that “we have observed several attacks on Intel-powered devices, including laptop PCs and tablets.”

The company said it was investigating the reports and will update the list of affected models once more information is available.

Apple has been criticized for its decision to include Windows 10 in its MacBook line.

AppleInsiders reported Tuesday that Apple was testing new MacBook Pro computers with a version of the OS that includes a fix for a remote execution vulnerability in Intel’s Atom processor that was recently patched.

Apple said it is “currently investigating” reports that some laptops in the MacBook line are vulnerable and will continue to monitor for such vulnerabilities.

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