The Acer monitor that can do everything you want

Acer has released a new monitor that has a range of different options for different use cases.

The Acer Predator M5 comes with a range from a 1080p IPS display to an ultrawide IPS panel, and comes with the Acer Optima M5 Ultra, a high-performance gaming monitor.

The Predator M series monitors are also offered with a 16:9 aspect ratio and IPS panel that can handle 1080p resolutions.

However, this monitor is not equipped with a backlight, and only comes in a 16-inch version.

The Predator M Series monitor also offers a range with the Predator XB270HU.

Acer Predator M 5 Ultra – 1080p (24-bit, 60Hz) monitorThe Predator X-B270hU – 16: 9 aspect ratio (24Hz, 144Hz) monitorsThe Acer Predator X1HU – Quad-HD IPS (16:9) monitorFor now, the Predator M1 and M5 have been released, but the Predator line is expected to continue in the future.

However in 2017, the Acer Predator Predator XHU will be released, and the Acer X1 series will follow in the next year or so.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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