Samsung’s new ‘Ultra Smart’ curved monitors are the best in the business

By Chris JohnsonReuters|Reuters|Getty|Getty Samsung is making some big moves to keep pace with its competitors in the premium monitor business, and a new model in particular has set the benchmark.

The company on Monday announced the launch of the new X1 Carbon, a 4K curved monitor that uses its new “Ultra Smart” curved panels to produce better image quality, a new “ultra-slim” form factor and a premium price.

It is Samsung’s first curved monitor in the U.S.

The X1, a $1,500 UHD TV with a curved screen that measures 24 inches (7.8 meters) wide, uses its curved panels and advanced optics to produce a 4k-resolution image that is sharp enough for the most demanding and demanding games and movies.

The curved screen makes the X1 more visually appealing, according to Samsung’s marketing materials, which claim it is more aesthetically pleasing and is a “premium experience.”

But its performance could be a bit better if Samsung could get a bit more creative with the display.

The X1 has an edge on its competitors because it uses a more advanced, advanced curved panel that Samsung says delivers “an unprecedented picture quality.”

The new X2, which costs about $1,-500, has a 4:3 aspect ratio.

That is about one-fourth the size of the X2.

It has a curved panel with the same “Ultra-sly” curved shape as the X4, but with an edge-to-edge display that allows for the screen to be tilted to create a more natural look, according a Samsung marketing document.

Both are now available for preorder, and the X3 is expected to be available later this year.

Samsung has been working with a team of engineers to design and build the X9 and X3 in-house, and it is working on a successor for the X8.

But the X7 is already available in some countries, such as Japan, and its new curved screen is expected in the US by the end of next year.

A similar model called the X5 has a slightly curved screen and is coming to the UK in late 2017.In the U

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