Microsoft launches new gaming monitors

The next generation of gaming monitors promises to deliver a more immersive experience for gamers, and Microsoft is taking the wraps off a range of new gaming models.

Microsoft is introducing two new gaming monitor models, the XPS 13 and XPS 14, which are designed to deliver the same gaming experience as its recent gaming consoles, but they will come with a host of new features.

The new gaming products have a range in features that are unique to them, including:The XPS13 has a 27-inch curved screen and will come in three colour options – black, white and blue.

It is the first gaming monitor to feature curved displays.

The Xps 14 has a 28-inch screen with a 27:9 aspect ratio, and will be available in three colours – black and white.

It is the most expensive gaming monitor Microsoft has ever made, and it will be priced at $1,099.

It will come bundled with a Blu-ray disc player, a dedicated controller, a wireless headset, a Blu.ray disc reader, a 4K HDR TV and a wireless microphone.

It will also come with two HDMI cables and one DisplayPort to DVI cable.

Microsoft is also introducing a range, which will be identical to its previous line-up, but with a wider range of accessories, including a keyboard dock, a USB-C charging cable and a power adapter.

Microsoft’s new gaming gaming monitors are set to arrive in January, with the Xps 13 and the Xepsi 13 coming in March.