How to watch the NBA finals live: How to get a good look at LeBron James

I’m going to share with you what to expect from the NBA Finals this year, and what you should watch out for.

Before I get into the details of what I think is going to be a fascinating and fascinating series of NBA Finals, I think it’s important to acknowledge that this is a game of inches.

It’s a matter of perspective.

As we’ve learned through years of research and watching games, the difference between a good basketball shot and an easy basket is only a small percentage.

And while you can look at a lot of shots on video, a shot that hits you right in the middle of the face or the back of the head can still be a legitimate shot.

It just might be a little better.

That’s why a good shot is important.

A good shot at the rim is a lot more difficult to make than a shot at just the rim.

But there are other factors at play, too.

If the shot is good, it’s likely to be good for a long time.

If it’s not, it’ll be difficult to replicate.

The good shot and the bad shot are closely related.

But they’re not necessarily the same thing.

For instance, a good shooting percentage is defined as a percentage of your shots that you’ve made at the three-point line that have resulted in at least two points.

A bad shooting percentage means your percentage of three-pointers that you missed.

For instance, if you average 25 percent from three-quarters-court and only miss five shots from beyond the arc, your shooting percentage would be 26 percent.

A high percentage is one that’s going to remain relatively constant over time.

A low percentage is a trend that will fluctuate and could even change over time, like when you get more or less fouled or a team plays better.

A high percentage, by definition, means you’re shooting a lot.

But it also means you need to be close.

A poor shot, on the other hand, means your shot’s low.

It means you’ve missed a lot, or you’ve taken a lot too many shots.

You’re taking a lot less shots, but you’re taking the same number of threes than when you were taking fewer.

And then there’s a third factor that affects a good and bad shot: distance.

That is, the closer you are to the basket, the more you’ll be able to see the ball.

If you’re closer to the hoop, your shot will be more visible, which will help you determine if you should shoot a shot from the three, a jumper from the wing, or whatever.

But if you’re further away, your angle will affect your shot.

A guy like LeBron James, who has been shooting a low percentage from three this season, will be much more effective at a high percentage from the free-throw line because he’ll be closer to where the basket is.

He’ll be looking for the basket a lot quicker, but he’ll have to adjust to the shot.

And as we’ll see later in this series, a low-percentage shot from a close distance is often more effective than a low shot from far away.

So what are the factors that determine how well you can shoot?

First, let’s go through the factors of a good or bad shot.

As we mentioned earlier, a high-percentaging shot is one where you shoot well from all three distances, and that is often an accurate shot.

That’s one reason why LeBron James has been getting so many shots from deep.

But LeBron James’s shots are a little different than those of his opponents.

LeBron James isn’t shooting the ball at a consistent rate, but it’s still pretty good.

LeBron is making more shots from the field, and he’s shooting at a much higher rate from outside the paint than he’s from the arc.

So how does LeBron James make shots?

As we saw earlier in this article, a lot has to go right to make LeBron James’ shots.

Here’s a breakdown of his shooting this year:To make LeBron’s shots, you have to be extremely accurate.

LeBron has been making those shots at a very high rate.

He’s shooting around 43 percent from the floor, but if he was to shoot from anywhere else, he’d probably be shooting 35 percent or even 40 percent.

He can’t just pull up from deep, because he has to be aware of what’s happening to the defense in the paint.

When LeBron shoots that way, he’s putting his body on the line and trying to avoid contact.

LeBron can’t always do that, but the best way to avoid getting fouled is to take advantage of the fact that he’s getting foubled.

If LeBron’s on the baseline, he has a choice of whether to take a step back or stay at the basket.

If he’s on his knees, he can’t leave his feet, and his body has to

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